Harry Stoddart

General Manager

His name might be at the top of the org chart but he knows who really runs the place (Hint: it’s not him). Harry joined the team at the LEX in 2016 after long careers farming and management consulting. Harry’s role is to provide leadership to the team of staff and volunteers and manage the day-to-day operations of the LEX.

Cory Coulson

Grounds Manager

If you’ve spent any time at the LEX, you’ve met Cory. He’s been a fixture at the LEX for almost two decades – going back to the old fairgrounds. Cory’s job description includes everything related to keeping the LEX grounds looking good, setting up for events, and cleaning up after events.

Mary Camphorst

Office Administrator

Mary is the cheery voice that answers the phone and the smile that greets you when you walk in the office. But Mary is a lot more than a smiling face – if you’ve booked an event at the LEX, been booked to appear at the LEX, put a vehicle in storage, taken a vehicle out of storage, booked a meeting room, attended a committee meeting, or bought tickets for the LEX, you have probably talked to Mary. If Mary can’t answer your question, it’s likely because an answer doesn’t exist.

Connie Jacobs


Connie is in charge of anything related to our finances: whether the money is flowing in or flowing out, the paperwork crosses Connie’s desk and magically ends up correctly filed. If you’ve been paid by us, chances are, Connie cut the cheque. If you haven’t been paid, chances are it’s still “filed” on Harry’s desk.

Brenda Malcolm

Office Guru

Brenda claims she can’t remember how long she has worked at the LEX. Rumours have it that she started sometime in the late 20th century. If Mary can’t answer your question, the only person who might be able to is Brenda. Brenda’s current role includes everything related to exhibiting at the LEX from editing the prize books to making sure the winners are recorded properly. She also makes sure the General Manager is staying on top of his responsibilities.

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